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     On October 29 on Rudaki avenue of the capital with participation of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov and Imam of Ishmaelite of the world prince Karima al-Huseyn Aga khan IV took place the ceremony of official beginning of construction new five stars hotel of  "Serena".

     On place of construction of hotel the President of the republic Emomali Rahmonov in solemn situation was met by managers and representatives of public of Dushanbe city and prince Karim al-Huseyni Aga khan IV.

     The head of the state TajikistanEmomali Rahmonov and imam Karim al-Huseyni Agahan IV, having cut symbolic band, gave start to official beginning of construction new five stars hotel.

     The President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov on place of construction hotel, having got acquainted with details of the projects hotel and the other buildings, raised in city of Dushanbe, gave some valuable advices to responding persons.

     The head of state Emomali Rahmonov, emerging before audience has named the construction of given hotel the next step of the Government of the republic on development of the capital on modern standard urban planning and beginning of the qualitative new period in development of cooperation of Tajikistan with Organization of Aga Khan on development.

     President of the Republic has also named the Construction of this and other five stars hotels in the republic the beginning of making modern infrastructure of tourism, for which development Tajikistan has an enormous potential.

     The head of state Emomali Rahmonov has declared that according to reached agreement construction of hotels will be terminated before May 2008.

     Then the prince Karim al-Huseyni Aga Khan IV emerged, who has estimated beginning of construction of this hotel important event in expansion of cooperation between Tajikistan and Organization of Aga Khan on development. He has also declared that in the next future by this organization in Tajikistan and region of Central and South Asia will be realized also a number of important projects.

      On completion of the appearances by President of the country Emomali Rahmonov and prince Karim al-Huseyn Aga Khan IV in solemn situation mortgaged in base of the hotel the first stone and message to future generations.

     It needs to note that the budget of construction of hotel makes up 35 million US dollar. The Hotel will consist of 120 vein premises, including apartments for long-term residence, banquet common-room on 200 places, restaurant under roof on 100 places, conference hall on 100 places, cafeteria with street cafe on 100 places. In the hotel will also be a bar, tearoom, and premises for meeting, business-centre, and swimming pool, sanitary complex on 300 persons, premises for offices, trade and the other premises.

      During construction of the hotel 300 persons will be provided by work, but after its delivery for usage more than 200, - basically, citizens of Tajikistan.

     On case of official beginning of construction of the hotel took place the concert of art masters and childish creative groups of the country.

      About this NIAT "KHovar" has  been kindly submitted by  press-service of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan.

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