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     On November 15 2006 in the Centre of the strategic studies under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan scientific-practical conference on the subject of "Advancement of democracy and Mass-media in Kazakhstan and in Tajikistan" took place.      In the work of the conference took part the State adviser of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Karomatullo Olimov, director of the Centre of strategic studies (CSI) under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Suhrob SHaripov, Temporary charged in the affairs of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Republic of Tajikistan Muhit Orazaev, scientists from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, as well as representatives of the mass media.      Having a speech in audience of participants, Karomatullo Olimov has noted that Tajikistan goes on the way of democracy, and about this witnessed the taken place presidential election, where all candidates could liberally realize the electoral campaign. The Active participation on them has taken the representatives of the mass media. This is fair example of our achievements in the field of democracy.      Talking about development of democracy in sphere of the mass media the State adviser has emphasized that annually the number of independent information agencies, newspapers, journals, electronic SMI increases in Tajikistan.  But there are some moments, which cause our worry. Under the sauce of democracy through some internet-sites often are spread unauthentic, slanderous and pornographic materials, which inflict the moral damage to our youth.      - I hope that given action will give enable together to create the information field, which will serve the society, change into efficient instrument of cooperation, - has said in termination Karomatullo Olimov.      On the conference were listened the reports on subject of "Inter-ethnic factor in modern Kazakhstan", "Development of the institutions of democracy in Republic of Kazakhstan: sums and achievements", "Tajikistan and Kazakhstan: formation of many-parties and tolerant", "About democratic process in Central Asia", "Mass-media in the Republic of Kazakhstan: modern condition, problems and prospects" and others.      With reports have also had a speech temporarily charged on affairs of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Tajikistan Muhit Orazaev, deputy director of CSI under the President of the Republic Tajikistan Sayfullo Safarov, the head of the department of CSI under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Abdunabi Sattorov, scientists and specialists from CSI under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.      Then participants of the international conference proceeded to debates and discussions.                                                                                        Nargis Boyahmedova, corr. NIAT "Khovar"                                                         Translator Ibrohimi: Habibullo
Источник: ИА "ХОВАР"
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