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      It is well known, problems of expansion bilateral Tajik Norwegian mutually beneficial cooperation were discussed on December 20 in the course of meeting the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov with Exceeding and Plenipotentiary ambassador of Norway in our republic of Oven Nordsletten

     After the conversation with the Head of state of Tajikistan Norwegian ambassador in the course of briefing for journalist has noted strategic priority and perspective for Tajikistan all –measured of the development of the sphere hydropower. "In 1905, when Norway has got independence, it was a quite poor country, and only due to intensive development of hydropower it has made the powerful forward, - has said the ambassador. - We may become the important partner of Tajikistan in development hydropower ".

     Amongst priority directions of bilateral cooperation O. Nordsletten has named the hydropower, cotton growing and tourism. "So we must increase the contacts, raise our relations on qualitative new level", - has declared the ambassador.

     Having Concerned of signed on December 20 th this year. New Agreement between tajik aluminum plant and Norwegian company HYDRO ALUMINIUM, he has emphasized that it opens the great prospects economic cooperation both between two companies, and between two countries.

     The Agreement provides the final satisfactory solution of the questions, in accordance with recent decision of the London international court regarding arbitration deliveries ginozom and aluminum by sides in the second half 2004.

In particular, the Agreement provides supply companies TADAZ to HYDRO from 120 thous. Tons  to 200 thous. Tons primary aluminum annually for 4 years and supply company TADAZ HYDRO 150 thous. Tons  gilinozem.

     The Company HYDRO will also render the technical help TADAZ for the reason of increasing efficiency to the plant activity and improvements to situations on environmental protection

     The Sides complacent that to manage to allow existed earlier dispute and reach the new positive agreement.

     In his turn, senior vice- president of  company of  HYDRO Saymon Storezund of  the same briefing has noted that "we think that this mutually beneficial agreement, on which company will get primary aluminum required for our production on remitting, at the same time will render TADAZ assistance in decision of the production problems ".

     Besides, according to senior vice president of company specialists of HYDRO have started to the study project on construction additional hydropowers in Tajikistan and construction of the new aluminum plant.

     We remind that company HYDRO ALUMINIUM mines the significant amount of oil, gas, as well as produces electric power and aluminum product. The Main gaining powers of this company are located in Norwegian continental shelf. It also gains the hydrocarbons in Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, Iran and Angola.  HYDRO is included by Gazprom in number of five pretenders on participation in development of famous SHtokmanovsk location.

                                                                  M. Kushakova, NIAT "KHOVAR"

                                                                  Translator Ibrohimi: Habibullo

Источник: ИА "ХОВАР"
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