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         The President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin talked by the telephone On February 16 in the afternoon.

        The Heads of states were exchanged opinions on the circle of bilateral questions of cooperation, have marked the perspective plans of their further extension and deepening.

        The Presidents of two states ascertained of efficient, mutually beneficial and seminal interaction of their own countries in political, military-technical and cultural-humanitarian sphere and were exchanged concrete information on course of the performing programs, realized in these spheres.need of undertaking on high organizing and content- level forthcoming in  June this  year the SANKT-PETERSBURG economic forum Was Underlined, where are invited leaders of states-members of SNG. SHOS sammit marked on August this year in Bishkek, as well as the meeting SNG. In high, level planned undertaking on October 2007 in Dushanbe.Special attention were spared to questions of economic cooperation with stress on problems of interaction of Russia and Tajikistan in the field of hydro power. With satisfaction good rates of construction HPS "Sangtuda-1" was noted and new mechanism cooperation for realization of the project necessity on construction Ragun HOSWas underlined.

         The Energy themes of the talk of two presidents were completed by discusssion cooperation perspective of two countries in the field of exploring and mastering natural gas in Tajikistan.

         The President E. Rahmonov and V. Putin were exchanged of opinions on actual questions of international and regional problems, presenting mutual interest.

         About this NIAT "KHovar" has been kindly submited by press-service of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan.

                                                                           Translator Ibrohimi: Habibullo

Источник: ИА "ХОВАР"
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