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        (15.03.2007Kurgan-tube Murod Sotiev. NIAT "kHovar"). As it is well known, March 14 working group under the direction of Premier of the republic Oqil Oqilov for the reason of acquaintance with the move of the agricultural work and preparation to spring field work has made the trip in Khatlon region.         The Working group got acquainted with condition of the work of peasant”dehkah” on growing agricultural cultures in hothouse condition in Bohtar district  Khatlon region         In this day the counsel took place in common-room for the meetings of the executive organ of state authority Khatlon region, in work which have took part Prime minister  Oqil Oqilov, the chairman of Khatlon region Ghaybullo Avzalov, leaders of a number of ministries and banks of the country, leaders cotton-sowing district of  Khatlon region, representatives of responsible companies.         As it was noted on this counsel, purpose of the governmental working group is an estimation of the condition of real preparation to ling ahead cotton-sowing  campaigns, analysis established situations and searching for of the ways of decision the created problems. On counsel was resented information on position of the agricultural branch of the area. It was noted that in facilities of the area plowing the lands is realized on 82, 1 percents from marked plan. Preparing the technology, sharing the lands, preparation achene’s, and provision facilities by mineral fertilizers and combustible-lubrificants, redemption of the tax debts, social payments do not appropriate of quality day. The Participants of the counsel were also voiced on cause of the optimization cooperation with responsible companies and banks on credit questions.          As it has been noted on counsel by the prime minister of country Oqil Oqilov, the main purpose of state leadership of the country - scolded improvement of the conditions life of populations.           In termination the concrete instructions on improvement of the organizations of the work and removal available defect were given to responsible persons.
Источник: ИА "ХОВАР"
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