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           On March 5 the President of the Republic Of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov has received the vice president of export and import bank of PRC "EKSIMBANK" Li Tsyuan, who is in Dushanbe with working visit.

           The current questions and prospect of cooperation Of Tajikistan with this influential bank of PRC were discussed In the course of the meeting.

           "Development of the friend relations with KNR, which is close neighbor and reliable partner, is recognized one of the priority directions of external politics Of  Tajikistan",- has declared the President of the country Emomali Rahmonov in the course of meeting.

           The Sides have expressed the satisfaction by speed of realization the project of modernization of the high road "Dushanbe- CHanak", construction line of hydropower transfer «South-North" and "Lolazor -Hatlon", which, as  it is  known, are invested  by Chinese "Eksimbank", and have expressed hard will to cooperation in realization new project.  

           Li Tsyun has declared that "Eksimbank" KNR within the framework of support intergovernmental, interdepartmental and commercial programs and projects Of Tajikistan and China has resolved to about investment construction of Zaravshan HPS. It follows to note that preliminary design cost of given construction is 260 million us dollars, but production power of new HPS will make up 150 megawatt. Zeravshan HPS with three will aggregates is capable to produce 537 million kilowatt/hours of electric powers in a year. The Practical realization of this project, which also expects the construction of one energy distributive stations and 60 - and kilometer to lines of hydropower transfer from HPS to Pandjiakent city, will provide by Chinese company "Sinohaydro" with Tajik specialists and workers. In the course of conversations the sides have expressed mutual readiness to speed up beginning work on construction Zaravshan HPS.

           About this NIAT "KHovar" has been kindly submitted by press-service of the Head of state.

                                           NIAT "KHovar" Translator Ibrohimi: Habibullo

Источник: ИА "ХОВАР"
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