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         As it was informed earlier in the course of his formal call to the UAE Emomali Rakhmon, President of Tajikistan has held a number of meetings with heads of political, investment and social establishments.  

         During the meeting with the Crown Prince of Abu-Dhabi and Sheikh Mukhammad ibn-Zoid Deputy Commander-in-Chief current issues on relation between our countries and their further development were discussed. According to Emomali Rakhmon relations, connected Tajikistan with other Moslem countries has transited to a new stage.

         Participants arrived to unanimity on the issues in question and showed their interest in further cooperation. Sheikh Mukhammad ibn-Zoid, who had visited Tajikistan in 1996, stressed his intention to maintain and develop reciprocal cooperation.  

         During the talks with Mukhammad ash-Shioli UAE Minister for Foreign Affairs tends of further political cooperation within the framework of bilateral international and regional relationship were considered.  

         According to Emomali Rakhmon development and consolidation of ties with Moslem countries is one of the primary responsibilities of the Tajik Government.

         In the course of the meeting with Sheikh Akhmad ibn-Zoid Chairman of the Investment Committee and President of Zoid Fund various issues on attracting investments for implementation of social and economic projects were talked over.  Emomlai Rakhmon noted that according to the long-term Strategy of National Development the Gross Domestic Product was supposed to increase 2.5 times till 2015 that would contribute to raising living standards. Sheikh Akhmad ibn-Zoid displayed his interest in investing economical spheres of Tajikistan and readiness to maintain cooperation with our country.  

         Issues on social and economical cooperation, interbank activities, attracting investments to numerous projects were discussed in the course of the meeting with Saodat Akhmad Sari al-Mazrui President of the Development Fund, Mukhammad Ali ibn-Zoid Vice president of the UAE Central Bank, Abdulla Khuri Vice president of the Mubodala Company.

         It should be mentioned, that the Tajik President’s formal call is widely covered by mass media of the country.

         On April 11 morning Emomali Rakhmon took part in the forum, at which large groups of entrepreneurs discussed numerous economical and investment problems, ways of maintainance and development of reciprocal cooperation.

         The first floor was given to Emomali Rakhmon, who expressed on his view on important tends of reciprocal cooperation on the business level.

         Emomali Rakhmon regarded investment climate in Tajikistan as favourable and announced, that 3 free economic areas were planned in near future. Over 60 investment projects with the total cost 4-bln USD, and another 400 projects are at the design stage. It should be mentioned, that projects aimed at development of power engineering, light and food industry, mining operations and tourism are of utmost importance for Tajikistan.  

         Emomali Rakhmon’s suggestion that next Entrepreneurs’ Forum should be arranged in Dushanbe was approved of and met with enthusiasm, for it would give a splendid opportunity to study the sphere of entrepreneurship in Tajikistan.

          The business circle of the UAE took great interest mostly in economic projects of mutual benefit in such spheres as power engineering, cotton growing, tourism and so on.

In conclusion entrepreneurs of both countries arrived to agreement on maintaining and development of long-term cooperation.

         It was reported by Abdufattokh Sharipov, President’s  Press Secretary from Dubai.

Translated by the TNNA Khovar.

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