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         On April 12 Emomlai Rakhmon, President of Tajikistan had a meeting with Sheikh Khumdon ibn-Rashid al-Maktum, UAE Minister of Finance, during which issues on expansion of economical and investment cooperation were discussed.  

         Participants paid proper attention to economical and investment relationship, connected highly and less developed Moslem countries and arrived to the conclusion, that expansion of cooperation would serve to raising living standards and eliminate pretexts for opposition.

         Sheikh Khumdon ibn-Rashid al-Maktum approved of the Tajik President’s suggestion, that prestige UAE investment companies should be involved in maintaining multilateral cooperation with Tajikistan.

         On the same day the Head of Tajikistan visited Jabal-Ali Harbour, Dubai, which is famous as one of the free economic areas of the world.  

         There Emomali Rakhmon was introduced to the Dubai World Company’s activities, which has its representative offices all over the world. It was mentioned, that the number of workers in the area has amounted to 120.000 people, total funds volume has amounted to 250-bln USD.

         According to Sultan Akhmad ibn-Salaem, President of the Company, free economic areas have contributed greatly to the development of the most UAE regions. He expressed his readiness to assist in creating free economic areas in Tajikistan. He considered that elimination of import and export taxes would not cause loss for the State Budget, for import of foreign technologies and attracting funds would provide the Tajik population with job and cultural ties.

         Then Emomali Rakhmon visited an enterprise producing Lipton Tea and the Dubal enterprise producing alumina. At the Dubal enterprise his attention was attracted by the conditions of work and producing process. It should be mentioned, that the Dubal enterprise employs modern technologies, the output of the highest quality is exported to Japan and other highly developed countries of the world.

         At present the enterprise employ 3650 workers and produce 80.000 tons of aluminium a year. The similar enterprise with the output capacity of 1,5-mln tons a year is under construction, at the same time the Dubal’s output capacity keeps on increasing steadily. According to the surveys aluminium output in the UAE will amount to 2-mln 450.000 tons a year, while its territory is 80.000 square km, population – 4-mln people.

         As for influence of great output capacity upon environment it was found out, that there were no negative influence at all. The enterprise under construction is harmless as well for modern technologies, providing safe producing process are to be introduced.

         In the course of the above-mentioned meeting participants stressed the importance of reciprocal cooperation between our countries, aimed at raising professional skills of our specialists, introduction of modern technologies and increase of metal output, produced by the Shirkati Alumini Tojik.

         It was reported by Abdufattokh Sharipov, President’s Press Secretary from Dubai, the UAE.

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