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         On April 27 Emomali Rakhmon, President of Tajikistan, presided over next meeting of the Tajik Government, during which issues related to highly skilled personnel training were discussed.

         In the course of the meeting certain appointments to various posts in Ministries, departments and other governmental establishments were discussed. As a result Rajabmad Amirov was appointed to headmaster of the Tajik National Conservatoire, Saidullo Talbakov was appointed to director general of the state unitary enterprise Tajiktextilmash.  

         The head of the state wish them well and appealed for their effective and faithful service.

         Then members of the Government discussed the draft of the state budget for 2008 and forecast on the state budget in 2009-2010. This issue was reported on by Safarali Najmuddinov, Minister of Finance, who stated, that the above-mentioned draft would have been made up on the basis of existing socio-economic projects and submitted for consideration by October of this year.  

         Emomali Rakhmon underlined, that the latest achievements, revenues and its sources of all regions should be taken into account when composing the draft.

         On listening to the report of Masaid Khamidov, Minister of Irrigation, the Tajik Government enacted a bill on the Ministry of Irrigation’s activity aimed at common policy in the sphere of irrigation and use of water resources.

         The head of the country set before corresponding officials certain tasks on policy followed in this sphere, improvement of irrigation and water-supply system, reconstruction and putting into operation pumps, development of lands and providing population with new job.

         Then the Tajik Government enacted a decree on international transport facilities transiting through the territory of Tajikistan and foundation of international termini that is a bright evidence of sustainable economic development of our country.

         During the meeting a number of bill drafts were submitted for consideration and approved of by the Tajik Government. It was suggested, that amendments should be adopted to some of the valid laws.

         At the same time the Tajik Government considered and approved of the bill draft on the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, the amendments to the laws on Power Engineering, Transplantation of human organs, Regulation of oil output and its market.

         The participants of the meeting approved of the agreements on elimination of drug traffic and cooperation in the field of statistics, signed by the Tajik Ministry For Interior Affairs and the Russian Federal Security Service and by the Tajik State Statistics Committee and  Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee accordingly.

         The Tajik Government enacted also a decree on allowance to poor families with children going to comprehensive education establishments. By this decree every poor family should be allocated an allowance of twofold minimum salary for every child-student of the 1st-9th form. 12 mln somoni have been allocated for implementation of the project. It should be stressed, that it is one of the measures aimed at encouraging population to get the higher education.

         Besides, the Tajik Government approved of the bill draft on farms, specialized in the cattle-breeding, beekeeping and poultry-breeding, aimed at development of the given agricultural fields and their transition to new forms of functioning.

         Emomali Rakhmon expressed his dissatisfaction with the present state of affairs in the agricultural research institutes and set certain tasks on arrangement favourable conditions for their functioning.

         The Tajik Government enacted, that the Tajik State Ballet College and the Secondary Musical Boarding School should be given new names of the Tajik State Ballet College after Malika Sobirova and the Secondary Musical Boarding School after Miratullo Atoev accordingly.

         The Academy of Pedagogy under the Ministry of Education should be allocated 38-thsd somoni for publishing History of Pedagogy in Tajikistan.  

         On discussing issues on the agenda the head of Tajikistan drew present’s attention to the problems connected with the regulation of national customs and traditions stressing, that representatives of the state authority should act as a striking example in implementation of the earlier decree on national customs and traditions.

         Then officials were set tasks on taking tough measures eliminating misuse of state transport facilities.

         In conclusion Emomali Rakhmon underlined, that the decree on national customs and traditions was approved of by Tajik pepole and ordered to draw corresponding bills to regulate this sphere.

         Reporting contributed by Abdufattokh Sharifov, the President’s Press Secretary

Translated by the TNNA Khovar

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