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On June 9 and 10 Emomali Rakhmon, President of Tajikistan, visited St. Petersburg, Russia, where the XI International Economic Forum and non-official meeting of heads of the CIS member states were held.

On the first day of his visit Emomali Rakhmon held a tete-a-tete meeting with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

In the course of their meeting a wide scope of issues concerning international, interstate and regional relations was discussed.

During the talks both presidents paid proper attention to the issues related to implementation of projects involving bilateral cooperation in the spheres of power engineering, development of oil and gas fields and mining.

The interlocutors expressed their satisfaction with the process of the Sangtuda-1 hydropower station’s construction and possibility of putting its first power generating unit in cooperation by December of the current year. Also they appreciated the growth of turnover between Tajikistan and Russia and cooperation between frontier troops of the both states.

It was declared that the most proper ways to make contribution to the power generating units’ construction in Tajikistan would be defined as soon as possible by the corresponding departments of the states.

The interlocutors underlined the urgent need to organize cultural centres in the capitals of the both countries as soon as possible.

In connection with the problem related to enhancing the legal status of labour migrants, which had been raised by Emomali Rakhmon, Vladimir Putin stated that the issue related to the term of staying in Russia without registration would be considered thoroughly.

In conclusion an exchange of views on issues of mutual benefit concerning cooperation under the aegis of CIS, EEC etc. took place.  

On June 10, morning Emomali Rakhmon, Vladimir Putin and presidents of the rest CIS member states – Armenia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and the Ukraine – arrived at the exhibiting hall Lenexpo by the sea, where the XI International Economic Forum under the motto Competitive Eurasia Is Based on Trust was held.

On their way to the exhibition hall and during various events, arranged within the framework of the Forum and non-official meeting of the heads of the CIS member states, Emomali Rakhmon entered effective negotiations with Alexander Lukashenko, President of Byelorussia, Gurbangula Berdimukhammedov, President of Turkmenistan, Vladimir Voronin, President of Moldavia, and Islam Karimov, President of Uzbekistan.

The heads of the CIS member states visited the exhibition on the last day of the Forum, which had started on June 8. They familiarize themselves with the exhibition of the latest scientific and technical achievements and goods produced by various branches of agriculture in Russia.

In the evening the non-official meeting of the heads of the CIS member states was arranged in the Konstantinovskiy Palace.

Having opened the meeting Vladimir Putin gave the first floor to Nursultan Nazarbaev, President of Kazakhstan and Chairman of the CIS Council.

Making their speeches the heads of the CIS member states declared that the Commonwealth as an organization uniting the former USSR states had entered a transitional stage of its existence.

In defiance with opinions of some experts, who stated that the Commonwealth had expired its resources, the most heads of the CIS member states considered unanimously that significant work of mutual benefit could be done under the aegis of the organization.

The heads of the CIS member states decided that any of their future meetings would be fully devoted to one problem. This time the problem of labour migration became the issue under discussion.  

The head of the CIS member states agreed to reform the Commonwealth, but postponed considering the concept of its future development till their next official meeting in Dushanbe this October. It was planned to hold next meetings of the Eurasian Economic Community and Organization of Collective Security in Dushanbe the same time.

It should be mentioned that for the first time summits of these authoritative organizations are supposed to be held in the same place simultaneously.

On this point the Emomali Rakhmon’s visit to St. Petersburg finished.

On June 10 he returned to Dushanbe.

Reporting contributed by the President’s Press Service.

Translated by the TNNA Khovar


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