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On June 12 Emomali Rakhmon, President of Tajikistan, presided over a working meeting, which was taken part by the Tajik Government members.

In the course of the meeting a range of issues related to elimination of negative consequences of natural calamities in the Khatlon region, struggle with locust and other kinds of vermin and results achieved in the sphere of agriculture for the last five months were summed up.

The present listened to the report of Akil Akilov and other officials on negative consequences of the natural calamities. It was stated that as a result of heavy rainfalls and floods, which happened on June 5, a number of villages and vast territory of arable lands suffered considerable damage. In particular, 628 dwellings, 6 secondary schools, one hospital, several power engineering stations, transmission lines and territory of 2348 hectares of arable lands were damaged and three people died. The loss caused by the natural calamities had amounted to 4.922.000 somoni.

According to the officials a number of measures to eliminate the negative consequences had been already taken. The families of the victims were allocated 1000 somoni each and food stuff. The power engineering and irrigation stations together with transmission lines had been repaired in the shortest possible time.

Emomali Rakhmon gave valuable instructions concerning reconstruction of dwellings and other establishments, rendering assistance to population and repeated sowing the flooded arable lands. Also it was declared that the local authorities should control over place Chubek in order to prevent such natural calamities in future.

As for the struggle with vermin it was reported that the damage inflicted by the locust involved the territory of 83.100 hectares of arable lands.

The head of the state decreed that special department in charge of the struggle with vermin should be arranged and stressed the need of involving all kinds of machinery and agricultural equipment.

Considering the results achieved in the sphere of agriculture for the last five months it was stated that the GDP had increased by 6,6%, while the inflation rate had comprised 3,1% . For the period under discussion banks had allocated 785 mln somoni to support small business and entrepreneurship in the far-off regions of the country.

The head of the state made recommendations concerning raising the national economy level, arranging favourable conditions for entrepreneurs, implementing investment projects and elaborating new ones and training highly skilled personnel.

In conclusion Emomali Rakhmon drew the participants’ attention to a law regulating national customs and traditions, a law on amnesty, and a law prohibiting the use of state property in personal interests and appealed for complying with the policy followed by the Tajik Government without fail.

Reporting contributed by the President’s Press Service

Translated by the TNNA Khovar

Источник: ИА "ХОВАР"
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