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As it was informed earlier the Head of Tajikistan stayed in the Sughd region in the period from 14 till 16 of June in order to familiarize himself with socio-economical state of the region and process of implementation of President’s decrees.

As before this visit to the region implying meetings with heads of various enterprises and different strata of population gave new impulse to socio-economical development of the region.

In the airport of Khujand city the Tajik President was rendered hearty welcome by representatives of the local authorities and mass media.

The trip round the Sughd region started with a cattle-breeding farm after A.Jumaev situated in the Bobojon Ghafurov district.

It was mentioned that there were 977 heads of cattle, 235 heads of them were milch cows, which produced 1.800 liters of milk daily. Average salary of the workers amounts to 150 somoni. Besides they are provided with vegetable oil and other foodstuffs.

The farm has in its disposal 165 hectares of arable land and a creamery shop, due to which the workers have no shortage of technical crops, hay and silo.

The president gave valuable instructions related to breeding healthy cattle and distributing this breed throughout the country.

As it has been proved proper working conditions makes breeding of a public herd profitable undertaking.

Then the Tajik President visited team № 9 of the joint-stock company Tajikistan situated in the Bobojon Ghafurov district as well, where an exhibition of various sorts of wheat, vegetables, fruits and samples of modern agricultural machinery were displayed.

Attention of the President and officials accompanying him was attracted by an aircraft, cost of which was equal to the cost of a tractor. But by pollinating technical crops with chemicals its capacity exceeds that of a tractor twenty times. Spending 20 liters of petrol per hour the aircraft can pollinate 60 hectares of arable land.

The head of the country held talks with the workers in a friendly manner, during which he learned their everyday mode of life, working conditions, their opinion concerning education and public health systems and got interested in the process of regulating national customs and traditions. The interlocutors stressed that the measures aimed at regulating national customs and traditions were universally approved of.

The Emomali Rakhmon’s visit to team № 10 of the same farm contemporized with the Honey Day, celebrating of which is one of the ancient traditions.

Experienced bee-masters presented the latest achievements in apiculture at a specially arranged exhibition. On expressing gratitude for governmental support in rehabilitating and further developing of apiculture they underlined considerable success achieved owing to the President’s personal attention to the sphere of apiculture for the last years.

Since 2005 the progress in the sphere of agriculture became rather significant. The number of hives has increased from 36.450 to 45.000. As to bee-masters, their number has increased up to 378 people. Annual honey output has increased up to 964 tons in 2006. Bee-masters believe that they will be able to produce 1125 tons of honey this year.

Emomali Rakhmon made recommendations concerning further increasing the number of hives, cultivating apiculture in the mountainous regions of the country and stressed the need to export honey instead of bees.

On the same day Emomali Rakhmon left for Kanibodom district. On his way there he held talks with locals, who stood along the road greeting him.

Emomali Rakhmon expressed them necessity of the decree regulating national customs and traditions and stressed the need of bringing-up healthy and educated generation. Judging by the locals’ reaction one can say that these measures have been expected for a long while.

Then Emomali Rakhmon gave a talk to a group of farmers growing cotton, who expressed their gratitude for the state policy followed and President’s visit to the region.

Then Emomali Rakhmon visited E.Boymatova’s farm situated in the Kanibodom district. He was met by the head of the farm, who was very glad to receive high-ranking guest for they have been tied with mother and son relations for many years.

During talks with the farmers it was found out that they were grateful for peace and stability in the country, raising the living standards, increasing pensions and salaries and policy regulating national customs and traditions.

Experienced farmers planted apricot-trees’ transplants between rows of cotton in order to use every plot of arable land.

There the Head of the country together with the officials accompanying him took part in the Apricot Holiday, which is one of the farmers’ holidays celebrating heavy crop received through their hard work.

In the course of the talk with farmers it was mentioned that over 180 sorts of apricot were grown in Tajikistan, the major part of which was shown at a specially arranged exhibition.

In conclusion Emomali Rakhmon handed over a prize Honey Apricot to the winner of apricot-growing farms’ contest, which was chosen by a competent jury. It became a Bobojon Ghafurov district.

In order to give new impulse to development of gardening and fruit-growing Emomali Rakhmon suggested that money prizes should be defined for winners in various kinds of contest.

On the same day Emomali Rakhmon arrived at Isfara city, where he first of all visited a building materials plant.

Industrial enterprises of Isfara arranged an exhibition of their products in the yard of the plant. It was noted that for the time being output of the enterprises amounted to 8-10% of their full output capacity, which provided for 20,5% of the regional budget.

Taking into account the fact that Isfara is one of the largest industrial centres of the country Emomali Rakhmon gave recommendations concerning putting into operation other industrial enterprises, elaborating investment projects, attracting foreign investment, adopting modern technologies, founding joint enterprises, increasing export and training highly skilled personnel.

In their turn the local authorities of the city stated that new cement plant was to be put into operation by the State Independence Day. The output capacity of the plant is supposed to be 70 tons of cement a year. Besides, the local authorities expressed their strong intention to rehabilitate industrial enterprises lost during the Civil War.

Then the Tajik President visited team №8 of the Dusti farm. On his way to the farm he moved aside to a field under wheat, where harvesting had just started. There Emomali Rakhmon had talk with an experienced combine-driver, who told him that average crop capacity was 60 centners per hectare.

Team №8 arranged immense exhibition of the agricultural products from all districts of the region. The President’s attention was drawn to sorts of wheat, cotton etc. with high productivity, honey, diary confectionery and gave instructions dealing with export of agricultural products.

It should be said that considerable results had been achieved in the sphere of the cattle-breeding as well.

The President of Tajikistan visited also gymnasium №6, which was considered one of the leading educational institutions of the country. There he was present at the lesson of Abdullafiz Azizov – Honoured Worker of Tajikistan and one of the best teachers throughout the country.

“The best money is that which are spent for a child”. This quotation from the Koran was written above the door of the classroom and had become a motto for the teacher and his pupils.

The students of the gymnasium take part in various school contests held all over the country and win prize places. Every year over 90% of the gymnasium-leavers enter universities, over 190 of them have got education abroad and became highly skilled personnel.  

These figures are beyond any doubt the result of Abdullafiz Azizov’s fair service. In the course of the lesson he pays proper attention to every of his pupils thus controlling educational process.

In the evening Emomali Rakhmon visited team №4 of the Chorkukh farm, where he was rendered hearty welcome.

There Emomali Rakhmon was introduced to an exhibition of handicraft and trade articles. Experts showed him a field under wheat without a single weed; every wheat-ear contained nearly 80 seeds.

Then the Tajik President made a speech to the most active workers of the Chorkukh and Vorukh districts; he explained the policy followed by the Tajik Government and answered their questions.

Taking into consideration problems existing in the schools of the region, the President declared that all the existing drawbacks should be eliminated within two years. Besides, two new schools are planned to be built in the Chorkukh district, while credit volume to support entrepreneurship is to be increased several times.

In conclusion the head of the state appealed for help of experienced workers, clergy and other authoritative people in bringing-up educated well-bred youth.

Late in the night Emomali Rakhmon visited Sufro Bokieva, Hero of Labour, as a token of respect to her contribution to bringing-up decent youth.

In the morning, June 15, Emomali Rakhmon left for the Matchi district.

The visit to the district started with frank talk given to people at the cotton gathering station.

Then the head of the country familiarized himself with an exhibition of agricultural products of the Langar farm and had talk with the most active workers of the district, which is one of the largest cotton-growing centres in Tajikistan. The head of Tajikistan answered numerous questions and took suggestions made by the people into account.

The interlocutors touched upon such acute problems as land allotted for dwelling-houses, lowering the level of subsoil waters, reconstruction of roads and water-supplying. The President underlined that Development of the Matchi District Programme extending through 2015 would be elaborated and approved of according to his decree. As for the drawbacks existing in the educational system, they are planned to be eliminated within next two years.

The present expressed their gratitude to the President for his care.

The head of the state expressed his dissatisfaction with the process of textile enterprise construction in the district.

Jamshed Abdulov, well-known local entrepreneur, who was in charge of the construction, stated that the enterprise was to be put into operation by October of next year. His father, Karim Abdulov, being one of the most educated and respectable persons in the district, pledged himself to repair the regional library for his own expense.

Emomali Rakhmon claimed that other libraries in the region would be repaired for the expense of the President’s Reserve Fund.

The meeting with war veterans, heroes of labour and workers irrigating Dalverz steppe can be considered interesting as well. It took place in the field camp Boloi Canal.    

Experienced old men expressed to the President their gratitude for the current level of socio-economical development and raising the living standards. They considered decrees regulating national customs and traditions a very important step towards eliminating prejudices and stated that would do all possible to observe the decrees.

Having talks with workers of the Tugral, one of cotton-growing farms, Emomali Rakhmon declared that new methods of financing the agricultural sphere would be introduced in the country. Owing to the fact the farmers will be able to get credits without mediators and sell their products the way they wish. It was stressed that new ways of paying existing debts should be found.

On June 16 Emomali Rakhmon arrived at Khujand city to take part in the ceremony of laying the foundation of a new stadium with seating capacity of 25.000 seats. The head of the state laid the first brick with a message to next generations and started thus the construction of the stadium officially.  

Making speech to youth, sportsmen and other inhabitants of Khujand Emomali Rakhmon congratulated them on the coming 10th anniversary of national Unity.

The head of Tajikistan appealed for taking active part in building educated and highly-developed society and working hard and faithfully for the sake of the Motherland.

The locals approved of the measures regulating national customs and traditions and confirmed their readiness to follow the policy defined by the Tajik Government.

Then Emomali Rakhmon familiarized himself with the working process of a milk-processing shop, which was built by Komron Agroholding Company in the Nortehrn industrial area within a year.    

It was stated that the latest Russian technologies were introduced in the shop, that allowed to process 2,5 tons of milk a day. The shop is still under construction; finally it will be able to produce 12 tons of diaries a day.

By the President’s initiative cheese produced at the enterprise was named Vakhdat, which means unity, for the enterprise was put into operation right on the eve of the 10th anniversary of National Unity.

For the tome being 1.100.000 USD have been spent for the construction and acquiring equipment.

The enterprise can meet requirements of Khujand and its suburbs, providing for domestic goods of extra quality, which can be exported abroad.

Then Emomali Rakhmon visited botanical gardens situated in the Chumchukaral place. During his visit it was noted that despite favourable location and climate, presence of rare sorts of trees and plants the botanical gardens left to wish better.

The president gave corresponding instructions to the officials in charge of the gardens aimed at turning the place into cultural and entertaining centre.  

On the left bank of Syr-Darya river Emomali Rakhmon took part in the ceremony of laying the foundation of Rudaki’s monument.

During the ceremony it was stated that the monument together with 1159 fountains around it should be built by September 2008, when 1150th anniversary of Rudaki would be celebrated.

After numerous meetings with population held in the Bobojon Ghafurov, Kanibodom, Isfara and Matchi districts and Khujand the President had a meeting with the most active inhabitants of the region.

During the meeting results achieved in the agricultural sphere were summed up and new tasks defined.

In the beginning of his speech the Tajik President congratulated the present on the coming 10th anniversary of National Unity and wished them well.

Then he mentioned that 143 mln somoni have been allocated for the socio-economical development for the lat three years. Besides 60 investment projects are being implemented in the region. Credits amounted to 96 mln somoni have been allocated for the Sughd region, which is 1,7 times more as compared with the last year.  

The head of the state Глава государства analyzed the current state of affairs in the region, made suggestions concerning eliminating existing drawbacks and set new tasks before local authorities.

having made the speech the head of the state listened to the reports of Kokhir Rasulzoda, the Sughd region governor, and other representatives of the local authorities on measures taken for eliminating existing drawbacks.

According to the President’s decree new Development of Viticulture and Gardening in the Sughd Region Programme, Development of New Lands Programme, Development of the Matchi district Programme extending through 2015,  Modernization of Regional Schools Programme, Reconstruction of the Khujand Water-Supplying System Programme and investment projects dealing with reconstruction of the Matchi water-supplying system and rehabilitation of Isfara industrial enterprises should be elaborated and submitted for consideration to the Tajik Government as soon as possible.    

Since the credit volume has been increased 160 mln somoni will be allocated for the Sughd region, 70 mln somoni will be spent to support entrepreneurship in the region.

Abdujabbor Rakhmonov, Minister of Education, reporting on construction of two new schools in the Ganchi district claimed that one of them would be put into operation by August of the current year, while construction of the second one would start in July. Besides 500 computer rooms should be equipped in the schools of the region.

In conclusion Emomali Rakhmon expressed his gratitude to the inhabitants of the Sughd region for hearty welcome.

There the President’s three-day trip round the Sughd region finished.

In the afternoon, June 16, the head of Tajikistan returned to Dushanbe.

Reporting contributed by the President’s Press Service

Translated by the TNNA Khovar



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