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On June 18 Emomali Rakhmon, President of Tajikistan, held an ordinary meeting, where he summed up results of his visit to the Sughd region and appreciated socio-economical development of the region.

The meeting was taken part by Governmental officials, workers of the Executive Board, heads of Ministries and corresponding departments and other officials.

The Tajik President decreed that supplementary funds should be allocated for socio-economical development of various regions and Sughd and Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous regions first of all.

According to the decree 20 mln somoni and 9 mln somoni are to be allocated to the Sughd and Gorno-Badakhshan regions accordingly by the end of the year.

The allocated funds should be distributed as follows:

- 6 mln somoni should be spent for development of credit system and small entrepreneurship in Chorkuh and Vorukh districts;

- 3.900.000 somoni should be allocated for reconstruction of educational and public health institutions in Isfara city;

- 4 mln somoni should be spent for reconstruction of educational and public health institutions and steps aimed at lowering subsoil waters in the Matchin district;

- 2 mln somoni should be allocated for construction of a new stadium in Khujand city;

- 9 mln somoni are supposed to be spent for construction and reconstruction of the central stadium, central hospital, Youth’s centre, Naarshoev’s theatre, gymnasium, technical litseum, the Khorog State University and secondary schools in the Vanch, Darvaz, Ishkashim and Roshtkala districts;

- 8 mln somoni are to be allocated for construction of the Culture Palace and reconstruction of the historical site of Sarazm, Abuabdullo Rudaki’s burial vault and other events devoted to the 1150th anniversary of the great Persian philosopher and poet in Panjikent;

- 10 mln somoni should be spent for acquiring computers for secondary schools in the regions.

Besides it was decreed, that new Socio-Economical Development of the Matchn Region Programme extending through 2015 (including water-supplying projects), Irrigation and Development of New Lands Programme, Development of Viticulture and Gardening in the Sughd Region Programme and various water-supplying and industrial investment projects should be elaborated and submitted for consideration to the Tajik Government in the shortest possible time.

At the same time it was stressed that all far-off and mountainous regions should have bank branches, while credit volume to support entrepreneurship should be increased. To provide for tele- and broadcasting in the aforesaid regions necessary steps should be taken.

The officials were charged with commission to activate research activity in the spheres of cattle-breeding, seed-growing, viticulture and apiculture.

Reporting contributed by the president’s Press Service

Translated by the TNNA Khovar

Источник: ИА "ХОВАР"
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